About Us
Why does Alygne exist ? What makes Alygne different ?
Alygne was born on a sunny afternoon at a terrace in California where we discussed a wide range of topics including bike helmets and financial investments. As seasoned and international high-tech founders we realized we had to team up to address our very real and growing shared frustration:
There is an overabundance of data available, and yet, it is extremely difficult and time-consuming to know where a company stands on topics that really matter to us.
What if we could engineer a suite of technological solutions, to easily access data on several millions of companies and radically simplify decision-making for consuming, investing or any other action that we take where our money can collectively have an impact for society? We came up with the founding principles for the technology that we wanted to build:
Restore balance of power between individuals and companies. Today, companies are in control: microtargeting, harvesting personal data, building very precise profiles out of our digital lives. The reverse? Well, not so true…
Privacy and transparency are paramount, the user is not the product. The technology should only ask for the minimum data from you. We will never sell your individual data or implement targeted ads.
Democratize the information, and be agnostic. The objective is not to assert a specific moral compass but instead, to build a tool that gives you the power to define your own. We understand people may have different opinions and values, and that’s ok!
We are just at the beginning of this journey, and the suite of Alygne tools - both for BtoC and BtoB - will improve and increase over time. It takes a village to make such a project successful, so please join us, use the free products, contribute, tell us where we went wrong! (or where we went right!).
Our Team
The minds behind Alygne
Corinne Grillet
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Christophe Joly
Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)
Gregory Renard
Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Amély Joly
Software engineer and UX/UI Designer
Samuel Rincé
Data Scientist and ML/NLP Engineer
Matthieu Scelles
Software engineer and Data Scientist
Sandrine Chausson
Data Scientist
Our Advisors
It takes a village
Louis Monier
Maud Mornet
Sustainable Finance and ESG
Marion Fourcade
Christine Arnould
Helle Max-Hansen
Impact and sustainability
Dan Sheehan
Sylvain Privat
Go to market

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