Alygne Pro
Turning ESG related data radically accessible and transparent
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Investors and consumers are no longer complacent about the values their money and investment strategies support. However, they are hindered by the lack of simple, transparent and comprehensive extra-financial data, especially around ESG factors.
Alygne Pro is a sustainability tech platform that uses AI and specific patented Natural Language Processing algorithms to scour numerous sources of digital information. These sources include global news, corporate official sources and content from social media.
Crucially, Alygne Pro has been developed to operate alongside and complement metrics used in global reporting frameworks, such as SFDR and SASB standards.
Not interested in Alygne Pro as a web-based solution, Alygne also offers its data via a JSON-based and simple to use API to inteface with your existing solutions.
Search for companies
Access to small, mid-cap, and large-cap companies
Filtered search capabilities
Company analysis on various topics
Variety of topics based on ESG criterias
Agnostic alignment
Personalized results based on selected values
Feature comparing companies to standards
Source transparency
Transparent and traceable data
Compare corporate content from news articles
View trends over time for a company and a value
Automatic NLP processing
All companies with public information can be analyzed
Patented algorithm
Dynamic changes made to keep up with trends
Own usage or client management
Client management tools
Compare clients with several companies
Save a list of companies depending on the alignment with your client
Seamless integration into an existing workflow
Use the Alygne Pro website platform
Use the Alygne API to adapt to your own platform

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