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A suite of tools tailored for businesses, offering transparent and granular information to analyze controversies and company opinions.

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What we offer

Our innovative features

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Controversy monitoring

With the collected documents, the information is aggregated to identify controversies associated with the company. Our process involves creating a timeline of these controversies and succinctly summarizing them in a concise text, leveraging tools such as LLM and RAG.

Want to use it ?

How to consume our technology

Request our API

Our API (Application Programming Interface) allows developers to seamlessly integrate our platform's data and functionality into their applications.

  • REST API design.
  • JSON based responses.
  • Secure, reliable and fast.
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Integrate our building blocks

Collection and NLP modules can be used and integrated with broader ESG Data Lake and other technical capabilities, on a best-of-breed strategy for collection and processing.

  • Data Normalization: anonymisation, coreference.
  • Recognition algorithms: entities, topics, stances, statements.
  • Generative AI: reports, executive summaries, RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation).
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Discover our platform

Visual representations that utilize charts, graphs, and elements to best depict our data.

  • Access to a company's controversy timeline.
  • Read the summaries of the events.
  • Evaluate the impact through analysis of sources.
  • Dive into the documents that cover each event.
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Who we cater to

Few use cases

Financial investment

Align investments with ESG criteria.

Supply chain management

Managing reputational risks in global supply chains.

Shareholder risk assessment

Informing yourselves to prepare potential inquiries.

Reputation risk managment

Analyzing the controversies surrounding your business.